What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

I wish someone had told me the quickest way to a large company is through acquisition. Heck, even starting from scratch, if you can acquire a company instead of build one you’re leagues ahead on day 1. Then acquire another and another. If you acquired a $1 million company annually, in 10 years you’d own a $10 million company. Since large companies are worth a higher multiple, once you’re company is large enough, the best way to unlock your wealth is through going public. My mind was blown when I heard this.

About Bradford Kindergan

I was a software developer and tester in my “career”. I was working for an Army contractor and the contract ended, so I found myself jobless. I decided to open my own business and bought a mosquito control franchise. I was an entrepreneur! I did that for 6 years (what a pain) before selling it. Then I saw an ad for buying and selling companies and took the plunge. Now I’m in acquisitions. It’s been a wild ride!