Felix Cao

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

One of the most vital things that I wished someone had mentioned to me at the beginning of my entrepreneur career was the importance of looking at opportunities from a 360-degree point of view. We can get consumed by the “Shiny Object” syndrome. This can lead to seeing the opportunity from a nearsighted position, where we begin to display the confirmation bias as we only seek information that fits our model that this new opportunity is the perfect one for us. By stepping back, we could evaluate the opportunity from as many perspectives as possible.

About Felix Cao

Felix Cao is a neuromarketing expert and business growth strategist with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience. He has been featured on major media outlets, such as The Huffington Post, Adweek, and Authority Magazine. Felix has appeared as a special guest on a major Canadian radio show where he talked about neuromarketing and the 2019 Canadian election. He also makes frequent appearances on the top business podcasts in the world and contributes to popular publications where he shares the most-up-date insights on how businesses can take their sales and marketing to the next stratosphere by implementing neuromarketing strategies that will give companies the game-changing edge that separates them from the rest of their competitors.

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