Jean Willk

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career? by Jean-Noel Willk

I just wish someone had told me about the importance of listening. Listening thoroughly, listening in depth and with empathy and respect, no matter what.

More often than not, just listening with sincerity is enough for a positive outcome, without the need for any other further action.

About Jean-Noel Willk

A citizen of France and of the United States, I am an experienced leader with a proven track record of profit center management in various sectors. Most recently I was responsible for the supply chain and purchasing activities of Dassault Falcon Jet, a manufacturer of business jets. Also, I served at the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of a public company listed on the NASDAQ, involved in the manufacturing of veterinary drugs and vaccines. I am passionate about leadership, team building and coaching people of all origins and backgrounds.

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