Jeevita Pillai

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

I wish someone had told to be courageous instead of being confident – often we are told that we need to be confident so that we can get ourselves out there and get things done. To be honest, if I waited to be confident before I did something, I don’t think I would have gotten anything done. The truth is putting yourself out there is hard and it does take a lot but it does not mean you can’t do it. We are allowed to feel nervous and afraid, and still get the things that are important to us done. That takes courage!

About Jeevita Pillai

An African Dance Fitness Instructor that thrives on growth, connection and courage. After being in the dance fitness industry for almost 9 years as an instructor, programming director and performer, Jeevi decided to further push her boundaries with "Afrowithjeevi", bringing African dance to the dance fitness world in Singapore as well as empowering others to push their boundaries one step at a time with "Dance. Connect. Push boundaries."

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