Lindsey Pogue

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career? by Lindsey Pogue

That being an independent author isn’t simply writing and publishing a story – it’s a business. Your business, name, branding and identity, so don’t compare yourself to others. Running your business will be overwhelming and you will try to do “all the things” to keep up with other authors, but don’t. Pick one or two areas to focus on at a time and do them well. Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing, but do what feels right to you. More than anything, listen to your gut.

About Lindsey Pogue

Lindsey is a genre-bending fiction author, best known for her soul-stirring, post-apocalyptic survival series, Savage North Chronicles, and her historically infused fairy tale retellings, Ruined Lands. As an avid romance reader with a master’s in history and culture, her adventures cross genres and push boundaries, weaving together facts, fantasy, and timeless love stories of epic proportions.

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