Shawn Lee

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

Take the time and effort required, regardless of how hard or long it takes, to hire the right people. Right does not always mean the best candidate on paper. It often comes down to personality, attitude and fit.

We have had our fair share of hiring people whom were not the right for the team and it often resulted in less desirable outcomes.

About Shawn Lee

I believe that by integrating design into businesses, we will be able to create harmonized, holistic and compelling experiences for the various stakeholders alike. This is why design is essential for business in the competitive, service-oriented world today, where experiences set companies apart form their competitors. With an academic background in Economics and Sociology, an early career in advertising, and an unmistakable passion for business, I aim to marry service design and business performance by leveraging on an interdisciplinary approach towards navigating the complexities of business.

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