Priyanka Chopra

What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?

Well, when we are young and excited we think that as soon as we finish our technical course we will have all aspects of our profession figured out and we can go out there and do magic! I wish I had known, its a slow climb and its ok to have self doubt. Finishing your technical studies just teaches you how to stand on your feet, you have a whole marathon to run. The rules will change as you run along and you have got to keep learning and keep changing. I had thought we just go out there, do the hard work and we will see results immediately. All industries are slow to recognize individual talent and the fashion industry is the same. So hang in there, keep running, keep doubting (it does not mean its a bad idea) so that you find your way around every obstacle!

About Priyanka Chopra

A passionate fashion entrepreneur. Experience of starting and running a business in Asia. Still learning, in these dynamic times. Change is the only constant.