Prachi Saini Garg

What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you?

What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. Covid has hit most of us in a bad way, both professionally and personally. This negativity in our lives and the world around us, makes things challenging at the very least.

So what should one do? Or what do I do to stay afloat?

I remember and be grateful to everything I have!

Like most of us, my targets are also constantly moving and its easy to forget that you already may have over-achieved what you had set about… say 10 years ago.

So be patient and wait for this time to pass. Think of this as a “me” time or “down” time.. relax and enjoy as much as you can…. because when the tide turns, you will have no time again.

About Prachi Saini Garg

Prachi's love for scents, Singapore flora and history resulted in a tourist attraction called Scentopia. Scentopia is full of Augmented reality experiences and art work, 300+ to be exact. The fully digitised perfumery will ensure a perfect experience and native orchids of Singapore will ensure a perfect product. It took her and her team years to see the dream come true, but as she says "Persistence works!"

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