April Lam

What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you? by April Lam

I really enjoy listening to business’ long-term goals and it’s particularly critical when planning to expand to a new market, the goals can’t be short-lived and most markets might not break even within the first year. By clarifying the commitment and expectation in market-entry, it helps business owners to identify the right resources they’ll need down the road and eventually it could be more than me or my team’s help and involve internal restructuring, new hires, connecting industry associations, developing a different product line etc. It is frivolous to think market-entry simply as the consultants’ job, business owners have their homework to do much earlier than us.

About April Lam

I am going to tell the readers how digitalized ASEAN is from a consumer perspective, how it benefits businesses and drive opportunities by understanding the consumer behaviours.

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