Mark Newsome

What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you?

I wish my ideal clients, the ones I really look forward to working with) long term.

Really understood. It doesn’t matter how good or effective your marketing strategies, tactics or promotional skills are.

If they’re constantly competing against totally lackluster customer service attitudes and ongoing

Because even the best marketing strategies and tactics are not magic bullets which can be used to miraculously rescue or overcome such constant obstacles. This proper adjustment in their attitude would be
incredibly helpful to our long term relationship.

About Mark Newsome

Mark Newsome (aka) Mr. marketing. I help business owners or service providers "discover" how to stop just working incredibly hard in their business or services. And start strategically working on them. By using simple, little known, rarely revealed, low cost marketing strategies and tactics. Which leverage previously considered "dead" or under utilized assets or resources. So you or your major competitors start consistently generating at least 25% more gross front and back end profits. For literally pennies on the dollar.

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