What do you wish your prospects would understand before they talk to you? by Yonason Goldson

Culture is everything. Keynotes, training, and coaching are essential tools for transforming a culture. But they’re not silver bullets. You build success on the bedrock of ethical leadership, ethical communication, and ethical intelligence.

A prospect asked me to implement an ambitious plan to revive his company. I quickly discovered that he didn’t trust or respect his employees, which meant they would never trust or respect him. There was no way to detoxify the culture. I had to withdraw from the project.

Invest in your people. Respect and empower them. If you do, they will move heaven and earth for you.

About Yonason Goldson

Yonason Goldson is the keynote speaker with 3000 years’ experience. He works with business leaders to build a culture of ethics, setting higher standards to limit liability while earning loyalty and trust. He’s a rabbinic scholar, repentant hitchhiker, and co-host of the podcast "The Rabbi and the Shrink." He has published hundreds of articles applying ancient wisdom to the challenges of the modern world, and six books, most recently “Grappling with the Gray: an Ethical Handbook for Personal Success and Business Prosperity.”

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