Chesline Pierre-Paul

What in your business are you most grateful about? by Chesline Pierre-Paul

The opportunity to connect with high-performing passionpreneurs, builders of worlds, and world-leading global activists. Over the course of the last few years, I have met humans whose constitution as creators and movers and shakers threatens the way this world holds itself whole; people who are so far-reaching in vision, might, talent, and magnanimity that they instil me with the compulsion to level up, dare greatly, and play full out. Working with people who understand the stature and compositionality of my vision and volunteer to accelerate it. They are my global multi-stakeholder network of global allies.

About Chesline Pierre-Paul

Ches is Queer-E-O of Chesline Inc., a global digital transformation coaching & social impact consulting company. As a consultant, they work with world leaders & empower them to elevate their global thought leadership by deploying anti-oppression as innovational intelligence & social transformation. As a coach, they empower folx born into the Third Culture to (re)learn their lost native language(s) and reclaim their biological ancestry.

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