Matt Taylor

What is the greatest accomplishment in your life? by Matt Taylor

This is a difficult question to answer since I have a few accomplishments I am very proud of. As a veteran I look back on my military career and my 17 plus years in my career as a civilian and am very proud I made a smooth and successful transition from the military world to the civilian world. Since Veterans Day/Armistice Day was not long ago I would like to salute my fellow veterans here and abroad!!

About Matthew Taylor

My name is Matt Taylor and I have been a public speaker for 12 years. I am fascinated with the art of speaking, beginning with my early days in the U.S. Air Force. I was inspired by the former Commissioner of my state agency because when he spoke, people listened. I decided then, I want to be a great speaker like him. I joined my local Toastmasters club in 2010 and was able to develop my path as a public speaker from there. Over my journey as a speaker, one thing I have learned is anyone can become a public speaker, they just need the right guidance and coaching. The assistance, mentoring, and coaching I have provided has not only helped others become better with speaking, but it continues to help me grow in my speaking career as well.

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