Bradford Kindergan

What is your best advice for people on how to recruit great team members?

Hire slow, Fire fast. Make sure to interview them a couple of times with different team members – find out what’s they’re about. Maybe take them to dinner and see what they like to talk about. Make sure they’re easy to get along with. Then, when they’re working there, make sure you don’t let them continue down a path that’s less than optimal. I’ve allowed things to go on because I didn’t want to have the conversation and it always ended up worse in the end. Fire them quickly and move on.

About Bradford Kindergan

I was a software developer and tester in my “career”. I was working for an Army contractor and the contract ended, so I found myself jobless. I decided to open my own business and bought a mosquito control franchise. I was an entrepreneur! I did that for 6 years (what a pain) before selling it. Then I saw an ad for buying and selling companies and took the plunge. Now I’m in acquisitions. It’s been a wild ride!