Debra Muth

What is your best advice for people on how to recruit great team members?

Building a great team takes time, dedication, and clarity. Finding great team members is the most difficult thing business owner’s face today. Recruiting great team members starts with asking the right questions, assessing the personality of the candidate, and how they will fit your corporate culture. Assessing for a skill set that is needed. I ask them to shadow our office for a 1/2 day that allows for both parties to see if it is a good fit. Saving lots of time and money if that can be determined in advance.

About Debra Muth

Debra Muth, ND is trained in multiples naturopathic medicine, including nutritional medicine, homeopathy, herbs, and body-medicine. She is at the leading edge of providers using natural supplements and bioidentical hormones to heal the body. Integrating these diverse therapies with allopathic Western Medicine has enabled Dr. Muth to offer a highly refined approach that produces lasting results. Dr. Muth also has a health and wellness podcast, Let's Talk Wellness Now. She also is the CEO of GF Naturals which specializes in selling wellness supplements and gluten-free flour.

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