Yamilette Cano

What is your fondest memory of something that happened in your business?

I have been fortunate enough to work in a highly creative, energetic, and entertaining industry. Every day we encounter different situations, meet exciting people, and get to play with ideas and projects.

But if I had to choose one memory, I would say that the process of revamping the LOUDER website was so much fun! I am so lucky to have a wonderful team that is very creative and agile, so even the most tedious work behind the scenes was smooth and entertaining.

In the end, the results were everything I expected; we were able to showcase all the fun elements of the LOUDER brand in a bold and impactful way. And now, our community and partners can get a very accurate visual example of what they can expect from our collaborations.

About Yamilette Cano

Yamilette is the founder of LOUDER Global, a penta-lingual entrepreneur with a background of 20 years in the entertainment industry and more than 10 years of global communication and speaking experience. Her passion for helping brands and individuals empower themselves and others has led her to achieve worldwide acclaim and impact.

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