What is your fondest memory of something that happened in your business? by Yonason Goldson

Minutes after I concluded the biggest presentation of my career, a woman from the audience intercepted me in the hall.

“When you got up on that stage,” she said, “I knew exactly what kind of person you were and what kind of talk you were going to give. Then you blew away all my expectations. Thank you!”

Guiding people to challenge their stereotypes and rethink their preconceptions is the greatest gift of leadership. Learning to see the world with fresh eyes empowers us to expand our horizons, fulfill our potential, and attain success according to every metric and definition.

About Yonason Goldson

Yonason Goldson is the keynote speaker with 3000 years’ experience. He works with business leaders to build a culture of ethics, setting higher standards to limit liability while earning loyalty and trust. He’s a rabbinic scholar, repentant hitchhiker, and co-host of the podcast "The Rabbi and the Shrink." He has published hundreds of articles applying ancient wisdom to the challenges of the modern world, and six books, most recently “Grappling with the Gray: an Ethical Handbook for Personal Success and Business Prosperity.”

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