Yamilette Cano

What is your greatest personal extravagance? by Yamilette Cano

I love always being presentable and groomed. Matching clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, and make-up is my guilty pleasure. However, as much as this could sound over the top and expensive, I have always made sure that I find unique and affordable ways to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank and affecting the planet’s health. I love supporting local designers and artisans.

So my personal extravagance will be to be fashionable with a unique style, consciousness, and colorful presence.

About Yamilette Cano

Yamilette is the founder of LOUDER Global, a penta-lingual entrepreneur with a background of 20 years in the entertainment industry and more than 10 years of global communication and speaking experience. Her passion for helping brands and individuals empower themselves and others has led her to achieve worldwide acclaim and impact.

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