David Wong

What is your number one hack for getting yourself motivated when things seem hopeless?

This happens a lot during lockdowns, and business can’t operate. At this point, with no end in sight, you can’t help but wonder, when will business resume? Will business resume? What if it doesn’t resume? Should we plan now for the end? What is the end?

With uncertainties from all angles, the ONLY thing to think about is what ELSE can I do OUTSIDE the norm of our current business that would grow shareholder value in the long term? What other problems can I solve outside the scope of our current business.

For Deemples, we started to look outside our geographical areas of purely Malaysia. It seemed that golf in the US was thriving, and we also had a great deal of US users on Deemples. So focusing our energy there seemed to be the logical move to stay motivated, and something to pursue.

About David Wong

Founder of Deemples Golf App - connecting golfers for tee times. Helping the world golf more, because a bad day at the golf course is better then a good day at the office :) Previously in the digital media and technology industry, covering APAC markets. Indiana University Alumni.

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