Jeevita Pillai

What is your number one hack for getting yourself motivated when things seem hopeless?

My number one hack would be taking a moment to acknowledge what I am feeling and reflect on all the things I am grateful for or an experience I am grateful for. Sometimes we take the smallest things for granted or may not realise how far we have come because the future seems so uncertain. This simple task or moment has never failed to give me the motivation I need to keep going even when things seem hopeless.

About Jeevita Pillai

An African Dance Fitness Instructor that thrives on growth, connection and courage. After being in the dance fitness industry for almost 9 years as an instructor, programming director and performer, Jeevi decided to further push her boundaries with "Afrowithjeevi", bringing African dance to the dance fitness world in Singapore as well as empowering others to push their boundaries one step at a time with "Dance. Connect. Push boundaries."

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