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What is your number one hack for getting yourself motivated when things seem hopeless? by Katrina Julia

My number one hack to get myself motivated when things seem hopeless is to align through faith, feeling, and focus. I have found when I pray, journal, redirect to gratitude, and take ALIGNED action to what I desire from inside out – everything changes.

For example, if I am or business is not yet generating goal levels for a launch, revenue, or cash flow – I pray, focus on what is going great and give gratitude, journal out shifts/possibilities, and then take aligned action.

An example might be with business to business proposals. I get focused on type of business / community, I want to work with. I pray about it. I journal out what is working e.g. in process over $2.5 million. I celebrate aligned closed deals with great communities. I consider what is the next best move e.g. connecting with a new community for accountability and/.or sending in a new proposals for a great connection that just came my way.

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A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, athlete, and traveler with experience in 7+ industries, with a MBA, CPA and NASM Fitness Certifications. I have transformed every area of life + love helping people create + scale a life + business they love. Brands served include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Victoria's Secret. Results include 3000% ROI, 300 million in reach, and 6-8 figures for others regularly. I am currently traveling the world + speak four languages including Spanish, and cover wellness, faith, business and travel. I LOVE creating a life + business + love + helping others #CREATEIT too!

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