Anand Narayan

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by Anand Narayan

As CEO of Kenobi Capital, I’m most optimistic about the future of our industry due to the unprecedented wealth transfer from retiring business owners, opening a plethora of opportunities for private equity. This shift signifies a vibrant market ripe for crafting win-win value propositions that unlock value at the interactions of small businesses and capital markets. Recent moves, like Capital One’s bid for Discover Financial Services and Walmart’s for Vizio, underscore the dynamic nature of our field. The increasing activity in private equity promises immense potential for innovative and disruptive models that support small business owners through their exit journey.

About Anand Narayan

I'm Anand, a Navy veteran (Nuclear Propulsion Officer and Sharp Shooter), Cornell MBA, Investor, Board Member, and Serial Entrepreneur with a flair for adventure. My entrepreneurial journey started with scaling and exiting a $65 million IT staffing company. I then started ITTDigital, an IT Services Company, and exited in 2023. Today, I spearhead Kenobi Capital, which is dedicated to maximizing founder value through a strategic exit accelerator that sets the business up for an exit to capital markets. I'm also active on multiple boards, leveraging my diverse skills to solve business challenges. My life's adventures include hiking Kilimanjaro, traveling to 50+ countries, and being a private pilot.

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