What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?

There is a huge transfer of ownership going on right now as the Baby Boom generation retire from the companies they started. Some of these companies may just be shut down for lack of interested or qualified buyers – my cousin’s grain mill is in this situation. This brings tremendous opportunity for mergers and acquisitions. There are thousands of great, well run, debt free companies whose owners want to retire soon. Some of these retirees may choose to go public instead in order to assure their legacy while unlocking their wealth at the same time. Very exciting indeed!

About Bradford Kindergan

I was a software developer and tester in my “career”. I was working for an Army contractor and the contract ended, so I found myself jobless. I decided to open my own business and bought a mosquito control franchise. I was an entrepreneur! I did that for 6 years (what a pain) before selling it. Then I saw an ad for buying and selling companies and took the plunge. Now I’m in acquisitions. It’s been a wild ride!