Carol Gockel

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by Carol Gockel

The world needs more coaches! Formal education coach us to be contributing members of the society, it doesn’t provide a road map to get connected with our mind, heart and spirit. Many a times our emotions and needs had to make way for practicality; we were told to be “realistic” that we do without being in touch with our passion and desires. Over time, we get disconnected with our authentic selves, that’s where problem arise in our mental and physical health. Coaches are there to guide us back to who we are as there aren’t enough coaches to go around.

About Carol Gockel

Carol Gockel is a Confidence Coach and Change Maker. She helps women unleash their inner confidence to excel in business and life through her coaching blueprint. She was recognised as one of 100 Faces of International Iconic Influencers by Aesthetics International in India, Singapore and London in 2019. She is the only Singaporean to be chosen to co-author the book – Break Through, with World’s #1 motivational speaker, Les Brown.

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