Dr. Kyla L. Tennin

“What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?”

Many individual employees, corporations, and entrepreneurs initially looked at the COVID-19 pandemic like they view recessions, as negative. However, when catastrophes occur, I always look for the positive or “the benefit”, the advantage in a trial instead of the negative. This is not easy to do because challenges immediately provoke the ability to have a negative attitude. So, a positive attitude, an optimistic outlook must be exercised, like a muscle, prior to difficulties arising. One way to do this is by practicing overcoming smaller challenges daily or even weekly to be in position to handle dilemmas that last for months or even years.

To paint a picture, and since I lead a global conglomerate corporation with ties to a variety of industries, COVID-19 allowed people to realize hybrid work is not so bad after all. New ideas or innovations on how to apply existing technology to events, meetings, social interactions, and more are being revealed. Additionally, technology companies going IPO or are already public; the pandemic has increased sales for a number of institutions. Within the food & beverage, restaurant, and supermarket spaces, home deliveries are now being performed with a variety of partnerships. Like Door Dash and McDonald’s, Uber independent contractors (solo-preneurs) and drive-thru fast-food organizations, and meal and grocery deliveries via Instacart. Furthermore, traditional brick-and-mortar academic institutions, who would not transition before, are now putting more of their content, courses, and meetings online.

I’ve completed similar tactics to help people upskill, reskill, or go into entrepreneurship while living through the pandemic, available here: https://www.drkylalatrice.com/learning-courses . Including specifically for COVID-19 titled “How to Build a Business While Going Through Severe Crises”. Overall, difficulty is not necessarily bad, but can create a much-needed transition for a business to scale.

About Kyla Tennin

Dr. Tennin ("Dr. K") is the Chair of the Board, President, and Global CEO of her own global conglomerate corporation with the main enterprise being an organizational development consultancy to help businesses recover, grow, expand, and/or advance. From start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. Dr. Tennin can be found online here www.DrKylaLatrice.com and is a decedent of generations of farmers, fisherman, and gardeners who sold their products locally and is an appointed World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) World Leader, Senator for the United States of America. In the WBAF role she attends World Congresses, General Assemblies, Board Meetings, and sits among Presidents of Nations, Heads of Banks, Prime Ministers, High Commissioners, and Chambers of Commerce and other business leaders to strategize and make business decisions. Making business decisions to help firms start-up, advance, and/or scale with financial inclusion by gaining access to capital, improving economic development, promoting social justice, and creating jobs. The WBAF is an affiliated partner of the legendary G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI). Further, after four months of being identified and appointed by WBAF key leadership Dr. Tennin was promoted to Executive Council, Co-Board Leader and Board Member of the WBAF Global Women Leader’s committee (GWLC) for the entire organization, in addition to being a committee member of the GWLC and a member of the GWLC “Action Committees” to accomplish the Action Item of Facilitate Connections by Increasing Access to Global Business Networks and Access to Smart Finance, for women entrepreneurs. Dr. Tennin is a transformational leader with executive education experience at Harvard and Stanford Universities, has been an entrepreneur for nearly two decades, and has successfully launched numerous corporations within 31 locations, in 24 countries, on 6 continents. She has over 20 years of experience within her industry and 16-years of experience leading her own global conglomerate firm, with early beginnings in 1998, working with Fortune 500, 100 and 1000 companies as the firms’ global corporate clients. She has worked with Board of Directors in 2 private, 1 public, and 4 nonprofit corporations in the past; yet, is current an Advisory Board member for the University of Arizona Global Campus, Forbes School of Business & Technology. Furthermore, she is a recipient of over 35 organizational awards from health care, academic institutions, nonprofits, and financial services industry organizations. Moreover, Dr. Tennin holds strategy, technology/digital, project planning and innovation, and management and data analytics consulting certifications from KPMG Australia, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Australia, ACCENTURE, and Deloitte. She readily works on special projects for EY! and McKinsey and Co., as a key executive and global advisor. Also, she possesses deep experience and knowledge in global intellectual property, reputational issues, various corporate environments, leadership, sales, organizational diagnosis and intervention, research, banking, regulations, credit, strategy, innovation, marketing, analyses, and assessments. Conclusively, Dr. Tennin's leadership and entrepreneurship focuses are specific and global, as she also possesses cross-functional experience and deep expertise in operations and strategy as a global leader. She current serves on several Boards of Directors to conceptualize committees, approve budgets, and establish objectives and policies, and is a member of 9 investment firms, reviewing business plans, project financials, and pitches for start-up enterprises regularly. Including mentoring Smart Cities, Clean Water, and Solar Panel startups in accelerators for the last 7-8 years. Last, she has written over 14 books, over 80 research reports (inclusive of presentations), and is available to write white papers and case studies to consult, train, and speak in corporations, particularly multinational and global entities.

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