Hetul Patel

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by Hetul Patel

The (re)insurance industry is starting to embrace technology at an increasing pace. This will improve efficiency and underwriting, allowing us to provide better and more affordable coverage – ultimately reducing the “insurance gap” and helping society. We also have a significant role in contributing to a more sustainable future, through shaping coverage for renewable energy, climate-related risk etc.

About Hetul Patel

I’m Chief Actuary of a top 10 global reinsurance company. Over my 20 years of working, I have demonstrated a track record in generating profitable growth, turning around companies and, building and leading great teams. I have focus on driving better decision making through the use data and analytics. I started my career in London, then spent 13 years in Singapore, before moving to Germany in 2021, where I’m now based.

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