John Callahan

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by John Callahan

I think we are working our way thought the AI Hype-Cycle and starting to see where the “application” of AI can make a material impact on our industry. Not just “AI for AI’s sake” but true solutions to Deep Tech problems that people and organizations have struggled to advance. I am optimistic about the impact of Applied AI will have on the industry and beyond the industry I focus in. We will see the Value rise above the Noise.

About John Callahan

I have a 25+ year career working with technology and creating enterprise solutions. I began as a self-taught developer and transitioned, over many years, to Sales, Marketing, General Management and Senior and Executive Management rolls in transitional organizations within private equity and venture portfolios - guiding through 6 private exits and an IPO. I currently serve as a Strategic Growth Advisor and Fractional C-suite members for some early stage and disruptive software ventures.

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