Mark Newsome

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?

What makes me the most optimistic about my industry is.

As long as new startup entrepreneurs vigorously
pursue their dreams of achieving financial success.
And more time leverage through owing their
own business or service.

A certain percentage of them guaranteed will always want expert marketing help.
So the can systematically leverage their most obvious and not so obvious assets and

Valuable marketing consultants such as myself.

Not only help them pinpoint these assets and resources faster. But for literally pennies on the dollar,
they can use them to scale their efforts X times faster!

About Mark Newsome

Mark Newsome (aka) Mr. marketing. I help business owners or service providers "discover" how to stop just working incredibly hard in their business or services. And start strategically working on them. By using simple, little known, rarely revealed, low cost marketing strategies and tactics. Which leverage previously considered "dead" or under utilized assets or resources. So you or your major competitors start consistently generating at least 25% more gross front and back end profits. For literally pennies on the dollar.

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