Scott Mercer

What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry? by Scott Mercer

There will always be people on a quest for knowledge and a need for context. I view writing about music – in this case, the 1960’s, an key era in the development of rock ‘n’ roll – as providing some of both. Typically, readers gravitate toward non-fiction with one of two purposes in mind: to acquire knowledge, or to expand their existing expertise. I write with both groups in mind. I’m sure that there’s a market for this information – “peeling back the onion,” so to speak. And I enjoy doing it. That’s a win-win in anyone’s mind.

About Scott Mercer

It's never too late to realize a dream. I spent decades in a corporate environment, but never entirely stopped writing. Sometimes it was a simple departmental newsletter, other times (when the opportunities presented) radio scripts and magazine features. With encouragement from my wife, I finally reached for the writer's holy grail: a book. This opportunity, to combine my passions for writing and music, has been a challenge, a journey, and ultimately, a source of pleasure.

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