What makes you most optimistic about the future of your industry?

Never before has it been more obvious that we can’t rely on sales history for our future planning. In our industry COVID has had one benefit – it has made Supply Chain sexy.

I am optimistic about the future of our industry because we are back on everyone’s radar.

Success now requires businesses to be more aware than ever before of their sourcing alternatives, inventory and capacity planning functions and to manage them optimally.

One cannot foresee trade barrier issues or airline groundings but great software like Prophit Systems is like Google Maps for your business, giving true foresight so you can navigate these issues optimally while serving your customers impeccably.

About Tim Gray

I work with business owners & senior managers to rapidly pinpoint complex supply chain process problems and solve them. I do this by quickly assessing the critical drivers in your supply chain and find and focus on the areas that will return the highest impact. I founded Prophit Systems because I deeply believe that if you give good people great tools and clear goals, they will give you outstanding results. We help our clients transform their supply chain management into a game changer.