Chesline Pierre-Paul

What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it?

The biggest misconstrual that misinforms people’s critical judgment about my field of activisitically purposed digital socialpreneurship, is that it ranks low in monetization potentialities, that to be holistically invested within social justice as a consummate practice resultantly entails 7-figure+ earnings are a consequential impossibility. What a profound factual untruth. Anti-oppression is the most sustainable way to unlock wholly untapped markets, center new economical allies, ground wealth of unaccessed knowledges that carry momentous implications in the way of industrial advancement, scientific developments, mobilizable assets, & innovational intelligence. Anti-oppression thus allows us to desegregate markets & correlate wealth with justice & impact.

About Chesline Pierre-Paul

Ches is Queer-E-O of Chesline Inc., a global digital transformation coaching & social impact consulting company. As a consultant, they work with world leaders & empower them to elevate their global thought leadership by deploying anti-oppression as innovational intelligence & social transformation. As a coach, they empower folx born into the Third Culture to (re)learn their lost native language(s) and reclaim their biological ancestry.

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