David Brooks

What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it? by David Brooks

Many organizations believe that business continuity, and especially formally documented continuity planning, is a luxury only large corporations with lots if time and money need to worry about. In reality, every organization is going to face challenges and threats and having a plan to deal with them will cost less time and money in the long run by eliminating having to run around trying to figure out how to put fires out.

The plan needs to be documented and not kept in someone’s head. What happens if that person is incapacitated? That possibility should be included in the written plan.

About David Brooks

I moved from Toronto to the Niagara Region in Ontario in 2015 with my wife and 3 dogs. After commuting back and forth to Toronto for a few years I semi-retired. During the pandemic I saw how unprepared most people and organizations were to deal with lockdowns and mandates that affected us all. After reading that continued lockdowns would mean that 30% of businesses in Toronto would not be able to reopen I began learning about Business Continuity Management and have been certified as an ISO Auditor for the 22301 standard.

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