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What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it? by Lenka Fussiova

I will point to three areas where the misconception can occur. People outside the medical field may underestimate the role of the diagnostic part in the healing process. Proper diagnostic tools and using them in appropriate time and sequence are essential for healing and prevention.
Secondly, releasing any new test or diagnostic technology is only possible by facing an enormously demanding approval process managed by specific authorities. It is a long road to go since the first idea is born.
Finally, it may not be known that the crucial role in today´s diagnostic solutions plays informatics, statistics, and data interpretation.

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I will never cease to marvel at the gift of coming into this world, the desolation, and the uniqueness of the Earth within the universe and the background it affords us. This feeling transcends me; it gives me strength, peace, and faith in people.

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