Lisa Silvani

What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it? by Lisa Silvani

Many people think medical field only has one facade. It is accepted as rigid and serious business field. But the truth is medicine has many things to offer. It’s a versatile field that expand and can be used in many different settings. And because health itself is a basic need which all of us appreciate more these days, it’s getting expanded even more to every segment and niches. It is also very fluid and can be setup according to our need and liking. This we can see examples such as health apps, home health service, and DNA testing which are fun, exciting and far from serious and rigidity.

About Lisa Silvani

Hi, My name is Lisa Silvani. I am a physician and I focus on helping people with chronic illnesses through Functional Medicine system. Over the years, I saw many sad stories of how chronic diseases stayed on a person live and destroy their dream bits by bits. No cure, just ongoing treatment and drugs. With the concept of Functional Medicine, I hope chronic illnessess patients can get better solutions and better Quality of Life. I am on a mission to bring this concept forward and making it possible for many people.

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