Priyanka Chopra

What misconception do people outside of your industry hold about it?

Our industry is all about delicate and pretty things. So the misconception that people have about us is that we too are all about being delicate and beautiful but lack substance.
Fashion designers study the science of fibres, the math of patterns and grading, the engineering of garment construction, the history of fashion, the theory of colour and the economics of the garment industry. We can burn the night oil when we have collections to launch and deadlines to keep.
Fashion shows are the perfect example of organized madness, sleepless nights and red carpet glitz all rolled into one. So basically we do what everyone does in their field of work but we just make it look really good!

About Priyanka Chopra

A passionate fashion entrepreneur. Experience of starting and running a business in Asia. Still learning, in these dynamic times. Change is the only constant.