Katrina Julia

What mistake have you made that you learnt the most from? by Katrina Julia

There are so many I have made where I win or learn aka always learning. The biggest one involves for years not pursuing purpose and passion. For years, I followed people and profits and lost passion and purpose. As a result, this led to misalignment and chaos in life and finances.

At the same time, it led me to truly know my north star and appreciate the pursuit of purpose and passion that then aligns to people and profits.

About Katrina Julia

A BIT ABOUT ME: I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, athlete, and traveler with experience in 7+ industries, with a MBA, CPA and NASM Fitness Certifications. I have transformed every area of life + love helping people create + scale a life + business they love. Brands served include NBC Apprentice, Airbnb, Victoria's Secret. Results include 3000% ROI, 300 million in reach, and 6-8 figures for others regularly. I am currently traveling the world + speak four languages including Spanish, and cover wellness, faith, business and travel. I LOVE creating a life + business + love + helping others #CREATEIT too!

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