Mark Alyward

What mistake have you made that you learnt the most from? by Mark Aylward

There were two mistakes in one decision I made years ago. I was selling my company under duress (contentious divorce) and the two mistakes I made involved the structure of the deal and the culture of the acquirer. We structured the purchase with an earnout which means part of the sale price needed to be earned over two years. This gives control over your money to an entity new to you. Bad move. The second mistake was that we didn’t do enough diligence on the culture of the acquirer. We focused on the financials and got burned by this too.

About Mark Aylward

I help people in states of professional uncertainty gain clarity around the obstacles keeping them from moving forward with strategic and tactical guidance. I am a single parent of three productive young adult children. I have over 30 years experience in the technical staffing space as an owner/operator. I built and sold 2 multimillion dollar companies and have hired and trained hundreds of salespeople and recruiters. I love dogs and sports.

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