What mistake have you made that you learnt the most from?

What mistake have you made that you learnt the most from?

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Here’s some of our favourite replies to …  What mistake have you made that you learnt the most from? 

“Until I learned about active listening, I made the mistake of assuming that hearing was equivalent to listening. Since I learned to listen attentively, and contextually, I have learned more than I ever dreamed of. There’s a great book that I have used extensively: “People Skills” by Robert Bolton. I recommend that because it’s far more useful than a recent and more popular book “Crucial Conversations”. Much of what is popularly described as Emotional Intelligence can be learned from Bolton’s book.”

James Trevelyan, Author of “The Making of an Expert Engineer”

“I have always been a very trusting and open person. These are great attributes to have, and they have allowed me to grow, create meaningful relationships, and follow my dreams. However, I have learned that sometimes it is essential to be conscious of certain factors before fully taking the open book approach.

Some industries are more compliant than others, so to know what to say, how, and when, one must analyze the situation, read the audience and listen before opening up to get better results and achieve a win-win situation.

And this is why I have learned that the biggest mistake I can make is to rush into relationships or situations without looking at all the angles, understanding the other person’s points of view, learning from them and their needs, and LISTEN really LISTEN.”

Yamilette Cano, Founder of LOUDER Global

As a solopreneur I tried to do most of the things myself, which I think was a wrong decision. The right team can grow your business in a much better way. Therefore the skill required most is the skill to hire the right person for the right profile.

Charu Mehrotra, Founder of Womenlines

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