Cathy Nesbitt

What one thing do you feel makes the biggest impact on company culture? by Cathy Nesbitt

Energy has by far the biggest impact on company culture. Everything is energy. Positive energy is essential to encourage collaboration and create a cohesive company culture. Have you ever heard of Mirror Neurons? Have you ever notice that when you smile at someone, they usually smile back? Or when you see someone crying, you feel sad too? This is partially due to mirror neurons. Laughter wellness in a corporate setting will increase creativity and have a positive impact by connecting staff on a deeper level. We are affected by the people around us. If you want to be happy, hang out with happy people.

About Cathy Nesbitt

Cathy Nesbitt is a Health and Wellness Advocate. Founder of Cathy’s Crawly Composters (est 2002), Cathy’s Sprouters and Cathy’s Laughter Club. She is a multi award-winning environmental innovator who uses workshops and inspirational speaking to motivate people to live a more sustainable life. Cathy is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. Appointed Laughter Ambassador in 2017 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of Laughter Yoga. Cathy is an avid cyclist and gardener.

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