Jeevita Pillai

What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career? by Jeevita Pillai

Learning how to build relationships and connect with people from various backgrounds is a skill that I have developed since leaving formal education. It is not a skill that I set out to learn and I struggle to see it as a “skill” to be honest, but it is definitely something that I realized was so important and useful in every thing that I pursued in my career and in life. I have always been genuinely curious about people and their stories, how they have got to where they are now and what else they would like to pursue in life. I feel that curiosity has allowed me to build relationships and connect with people, which is also why “connect” is a big part of my brand – “Afrowithjeevi – Dance, Connect, Push Boundaries”. I not only want to connect with my students in the African dance class but would like my participants to connect with each other too!

About Jeevita Pillai

An African Dance Fitness Instructor that thrives on growth, connection and courage. After being in the dance fitness industry for almost 9 years as an instructor, programming director and performer, Jeevi decided to further push her boundaries with "Afrowithjeevi", bringing African dance to the dance fitness world in Singapore as well as empowering others to push their boundaries one step at a time with "Dance. Connect. Push boundaries."

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