Michel Haddad

What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career? by Michel Haddad

Since leaving formal education, I’ve developed a diverse set of skills that have proven invaluable in my high-tech industry career. Yet, one skill stands out as particularly indispensable: adaptability.
Adaptability extends beyond simply navigating the rapid changes in technology and market conditions. It’s also about effectively collaborating with others, whether they’re subordinates, peers, managers, partners, or customers. Succeeding in today’s workplace demands operating at a global level. I’ve found that adaptability to various working habits, rules, and market conditions is paramount for success.

About Michel Haddad

Michel Haddad, CEO and Founder of Transcend Consulting Services, is a seasoned executive with 30 years of expertise in Business Development, Technology Strategy, and Sales Leadership, featuring a robust international background. Renowned for his enterprising leadership and innovation, Michel excels in formulating key strategies, managing P&L, driving marketing initiatives, and overseeing operations to establish results-driven and customer-focused organizations. His commitment to tangible growth, board advisory roles, and strategic AI utilization defines his success in the dynamic tech ecosystem.

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