What skill have you developed since leaving formal education that has been most useful in your career? by Ronawati Wongso

The skill I’ve honed most since leaving formal education is undoubtedly my analytical prowess. While I began sharpening this skill during my MBA, it’s in the real world of business that it truly became invaluable. The ability to dissect complex issues and devise effective solutions has been a game-changer. Additionally, mastering digital marketing has been essential in staying relevant in this digital age. It not only helps me share my knowledge with a wider audience but also ensures I remain competitive in the market.

About Ronawati Wongso

Ronawati Wongso is CEO of Rantai Breakthrough Consulting, a business consultant specializing in profit optimization and company turnaround. She has thirty years of business experience as a leader and twenty years as CFO in various industries. She helps increase company profits massively, optimize profits and turnaround companies. Rona leads to change and transforms businesses by understanding the business, finding the root cause of problems, and implementing the right solutions. To connect with Ronawati Wongso visit

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