Chesline Pierre-Paul

What would constitute a perfect day for you? by Chesline Pierre-Paul

First, I debut my perfection-espousing day with bodyfulness & poetry. This is a time & space dedicated to breath work, stretching, poetry, journalling, & embodiment practices so as to be wholly awakened to my bodily somatic intelligence. Once replete with that flow-state energy of awareness, bodily sentience, & restoratively affirming groundedness, I go on to create & pursue my tasks & pre-established engagements. Thereafter, I host international calls with high-profile clients & collaborators, in 7 different languages, all whilst providing coaching & consulting services. I take a breather, tap out for the day, & spend time with my loved ones.

About Chesline Pierre-Paul

Ches is Queer-E-O of Chesline Inc., a global digital transformation coaching & social impact consulting company. As a consultant, they work with world leaders & empower them to elevate their global thought leadership by deploying anti-oppression as innovational intelligence & social transformation. As a coach, they empower folx born into the Third Culture to (re)learn their lost native language(s) and reclaim their biological ancestry.

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