Lindsey Pogue

What would constitute a perfect day for you? by Lindsey Pogue

Waking up to a quiet house, making a cup of coffee, and settling into my office to write my current book—focused and uninterrupted—for the morning. My mood music plays, the cats are sleeping, and my water tumbler is ice cold and full. After writing a few chapters, I break for a walk at the wetlands to soak up some sunshine, then return home to snack, shower, and settle in for the final stretch of the day, working on digital design.

About Lindsey Pogue

Lindsey is a genre-bending fiction author, best known for her soul-stirring, post-apocalyptic survival series, Savage North Chronicles, and her historically infused fairy tale retellings, Ruined Lands. As an avid romance reader with a master’s in history and culture, her adventures cross genres and push boundaries, weaving together facts, fantasy, and timeless love stories of epic proportions.

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