What's more important, work-life balance or bank balance?

What’s more important, work-life balance or bank balance?

Career development, social life, competitive salary and me-time – these are four things we should consider when weighing up our work life. Many people have struggled to maintain a harmonious relationship between their work and personal lives, especially if they are well remunerated. But, of course, enjoying healthy finances can also help you have a clear and peaceful mind. How then should we best manage and balance our work life?


While stress is a natural occurrence, too much of it can cause numerous health complications. When you are too stressed, you cannot think properly either. There is a bigger chance that you will make decisions that would result in damaging outcomes. Thus, it would help you tremendously if you could avoid stress at all costs. Knowing how to set boundaries between our work and our personal lives can help us reduce stress.

Furthermore, it can also prevent you from being over or less productive. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it is always good to remember that having a me-time can help you be more effective on your subsequent tasks.


If you put your mind too much on your work, you can lose connections with yourself, loved ones and other personal commitments. However, a one-tracked focus on your personal life will result in your work suffering; it is crucial to produce satisfactory deliverables because your career depends on them. It can also affect the productivity of your workplace and team. When you know how to find that fine line separating your career goals from your relations, you can do well with your job and your loved ones. Learn how to say “No” when you think you are doing way more than your remit allows. 


As already mentioned, work can affect your relationships with your loved ones. Your family and friends can act as your life support, especially when everything goes rough. However, if you don’t have an excellent relationship with them, it can affect your mental and emotional state. Find time to talk to them, and you can do this if you manage your time well. 


One thing we need to remember is why we are working. We want to earn a good living and provide for our dependents, as well as enjoy a comfortable retirement. Working hard for a good payday surely isn’t something anyone should disparage. 

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