What's the best way to organise your day to day?

What’s the best way to organise your day to day?

Do you think that organising your schedule, activities and daily routine takes a lot of work, and that sophisticated tools are needed to get the job done?

Julian Richer of Richer Sounds would love to disagree, though. In his column in the UK’s Sunday Times, he writes (paywall) that all you need is a piece of paper to organise your day. We’d agree; a good list might be everything that you’d need to set your day in order. 

Write down a to-do list

Knowing what you need to do for the day is the first step to getting organised. Don’t just stop at making a to-do list, though. Identify the tasks that you need to prioritise, and reorder them appropriately. Make sure that you also write down the time that you will want to allot for each task.

Set your schedule by the day

Further organise your day by allotting specific chunks of time to work on each activity. Match your schedule with your activity levels, and don’t force yourself into working at certain times that you’d rather use to get a breather. The key here is not to be strict with your schedule but be consistent with it until everything becomes routine.

Turn your paper into a calendar

If you’re going to organise your day, it helps that you plan ahead by a week or – better yet – a month. With an A4 sheet of paper, you can easily create a monthly plan to use as a guide to set your day to day activities. When you know what you need to accomplish for the specific day, you can then break it down to smaller daily tasks.

List down distractions and stressors

Purge all those negative energies by identifying the things that distract and stress you. Put them in writing as well, and learn how to deal with them one by one. Once you have understood how you can minimise or eliminate their impact on your day, you should be able to get on with your tasks without procrastinating or wasting your time on unimportant tasks.  

Put your goals in writing

You may often have tried to set goals for your day, but it works best if you write them down. When you have identified the goals that you need to reach, you can then set tasks and organise your activities in an effort to accomplish your objectives.

Organising your day does not have to be difficult, nor will it require sophisticated tools. Often, you only need to know how to write down a list and have the motivation to follow through.

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