Chesline Pierre-Paul

Which entrepreneur, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why? by Chesline Pierre-Paul

Janet Mock is the first Black trans woman of color producer to broker a history-making deal with a major content company. Her most defining awe-instating power, is that she permeates art-making with poise, purpose, depth, market sway, activistic intelligence, & global impact. She is a mesmeric living incarnation of purposed entrepreneurial design made community-wide transformation & industry-making. She creates her own paradigm of grace, entrepreneurial clout, & radical innovational brilliance, by deploying anti-oppression as the pulsing force that disruptively re-establishes written media, TV production, fashion, & writing as necessary forces of good, disruptive sociopreneuriality, & purpose-driven innovation.

About Chesline Pierre-Paul

Ches is Queer-E-O of Chesline Inc., a global digital transformation coaching & social impact consulting company. As a consultant, they work with world leaders & empower them to elevate their global thought leadership by deploying anti-oppression as innovational intelligence & social transformation. As a coach, they empower folx born into the Third Culture to (re)learn their lost native language(s) and reclaim their biological ancestry.

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