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Which entrepreneur, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why? by Dark Joseph Ravine

I would like to have dinner with Kim Kardashian because I admire her work ethic as a businesswoman. She and her family have singlehandly built an empire, and they have earned my respect. Kim claims that it takes hard work and deep focus to become as successful as her, and I believe that too. I believe Kim could give me helpful tips about running a business that I may have overlooked. While some people claim success is pure luck, I don’t believe that’s true. The Kardashians have been fortunate, it’s true, but they are always working. Their work ensures they remain at the top of their game. I also feel that I have a lot in common with Kim. She likes to help others and gives of her time to people who are in need. I do the very same. I value her words of wisdom and encouragement when it comes to running a business.

Dark Joseph Ravine

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