Indira Bunic

Which entrepreneur, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why? by Indira Bunic

There are numerous entrepreneurs I would like to meet, but one standout choice is Steve Jobs. He changed technology and design with his unmatched visionary thinking, blending art and function into one. What really strikes me is how much he believed in loving what you do and never settling until you find it. Jobs had this amazing insight about trusting your journey even when all of the dots don’t seem to connect yet; this could teach many so much about resilience, leadership skills, and following their own intuition in life choices. His legacy is a story of turning innovation and imagination into reality, creating personal and global impact that endures through his inventions, inspiring potential and modern entrepreneurship even today.

About Indira Bunic

Indira Bunic is an internationally recognized and accomplished thought leader with over three decades of impactful leadership in governance, diplomacy, law enforcement, the corporate world, industry, the not-for-profit sector, and academia. She's a multiple member of different boards of directors, a passionate leadership empowerment coach, CEO and founder of EmpowerU Ignite Your Leadership Journey, and a book author of Rise Above and Empower Yourself.

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