Matt Taylor

Which entrepreneur, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why? by Matt Taylor

The entrepreneur I would have dinner with is Ted Turner. Ted Turner has always inspired me because a number of the initiatives he invested in are based on what he is personally passionate about. For example, in his autobiography, Call Me Ted, he talks about his love for old movies. One of the television channels he founded, Turner Broadcasting System, reflected this love as it was known as a station to run old films. Turner continued this passion through founding Turner Classic Movies, a television station that shows classic films only and without commercials.

About Matthew Taylor

My name is Matt Taylor and I have been a public speaker for 12 years. I am fascinated with the art of speaking, beginning with my early days in the U.S. Air Force. I was inspired by the former Commissioner of my state agency because when he spoke, people listened. I decided then, I want to be a great speaker like him. I joined my local Toastmasters club in 2010 and was able to develop my path as a public speaker from there. Over my journey as a speaker, one thing I have learned is anyone can become a public speaker, they just need the right guidance and coaching. The assistance, mentoring, and coaching I have provided has not only helped others become better with speaking, but it continues to help me grow in my speaking career as well.

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